Moon Zombies bring that punchy, funky disco dirt that will groove your soul from the Moon to the Earth. This is edgy funk rock that will make you dance, think about dancing, or ask the person next to you to dance in your stead. We unite headbangers and hippies alike... come along and ride with us - we love you for your brains!

Danny O’Wallop - Drums, percussion, vocals, bottle returns
O’Wallop earned his name smashing the drums near his home town of Flamsteed.
Not changing much since his arrival here on Earth he enjoys bashing drums, eating tater tots, and singing the odd tune here and there.
As a collisions expert, O’Wallop is very much at home with the Moon Zombies, where bashing and smashing is a much needed commodity.
Favorite color: Drums
Favorite City: Drums
Favorite Country: Drums
Favorite Restaurant: Drums
Favorite Mozart Piece: Drums

DJ Late Payment - Bass/Funk Harvester
Favorite Food - Taco Food & Italian Dressing
Favorite Presidential Quote - Franklin D Roosevelt "What's up with my legs?"
Favorite Pick Up Line - "Did you see me just play bass?"
DJ Late Payment, who also goes by Kid Disco, Ole' Farmer Funk M.D., Chalk Man, The Albino Wino, The Comet Smacker or King Chango using the nifty Slang-o, hails from Long Island, NY. Entered this band by way of lost bet. His hobbies include giving beat-downs, hugs (pre and post beat-downs) and napping. Between the beat-downs and napping, he tries to honor his bet and feels this is his way of giving back. He often campaigns to make the band a 7 piece all bass band (playing all 7 basses himself). He has been quoted to say in an interview asking about the same - "Until this happens, this will never sound good".
As well as sharing his musical gift with "regular people", Late Payment often supports his local community by showing off his style, being around and buying stuff from their stores. In a recent interview with "Magazine Mucho" (Quito, Ecuador's 7th highest rated men's magazine) DJLP was asked about his contributions he hade made to his community and others.
Roberto Paiz' : "What have you contributed to your community and others?" (but in Ecuador Language)
DJLP: "I show off my style, being around and buying stuff from their stores." (but in American Language)
Roberto Paiz' : "That's solid."
DJLP: "I know, Right?!"
This Article Writer: Good stuff Late Payment, good stuff.

DJ Late Payment

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